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Mimosas Anyone? Sweetheart Scramble This Sunday!

Still time to register for this Sunday’s Sweetheart Scramble. If you’re a single golfer, we’re not eHarmony, but we’ll do our best to match you up! Many mimosas will be had!

I could go in a few different directions with this entry. I referenced online dating…hmm…not going to go there. Playing golf with women is something some men are opposed to. Personally I love golfing with the opposite sex; but, we’ll go a different route. I just want to say that if a guy wants to enjoy a mimosa (outside of the Sweetheart Scramble), he should be allowed to and not be savagely mocked by his male comrades. One of my favorite adult beverages would be a White Russian. I don’t order them that frequently, but every time that I do, I suffer intense ridicule from my friends. So what if I’m the brunt of a few jokes, they taste great! My perfect world would be one in which it is socially acceptable for a fella to order a White Russian, or a drink with an umbrella in it, and not be made fun of! Is that asking too much? By the way, I do like beer too...very dark beer :) I can be reached via email for any and all inquiries. Cheers everyone! Come out to Broad Run on Sunday and have a few mimosas!