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Let the Madness Begin!

It is that time of year once again for the most exciting and illogical event in all of sports, the NCAA Basketball Tournament. In no other sport is the regular season so meaningless; and, in no other sport is more than half the conversation about whether or not mediocre teams that finished barely above .500 with virtually no chance of winning a championship were "snubbed" getting into the field of 68. It's not like NCAA Football experts are spending half their air time discussing the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl. Still, it's by far my favorite event of the year. I love all the underdog stories, the upsets, watching four games all at once for 12 hours straight, and the excitement that comes with how one loss can bring an end to your team's season. Some might argue the Super Bowl to be the best sporting event. I do watch every year; but, it's way overhyped, too much media coverage, too many commercials, ridiculous half-time show, etc.; and, the game rarely lives up to expectations... But I'll still take a good round of golf with good people any day over any sporting event. So, when it's 70 and sunny this Thursday, turn on the TIVO and come out to Broad Run :) Please if you ever have any comments or inquiries golf or Broad Run related, or need any tips filling out your bracket, feel free to contact me at blogue@broadrungolf.com. Cheers everyone, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!