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How to Dress for golf in 35 degree weather?

--First Layers:  Snug short-sleeve or sleeveless shirt made of tech fabric, like Capilene.  Wicks moisture from your trunk without adding bulk to your arms.
--Second Layer:  Turtleneck.  The real deal, not a mock.
--Third Layer:  Quarter-zip or half-zip pullover or a medium-weight down vest.  Stay away from lots of pockets and zippers.  You're not going fly-fishing.
--Fourth Layer:  Windproof jacket.  Hopefully it can spend some time in your bag.
--Bottom:  Long underwear with windproof pants.  No regular underwear.  You don't need any extra commotion down there.
--Paws:  Mittens between shots is a must.  Double up your socks, but if you can't wiggle your toes, cut foot beds from two sheets of newspaper instead.  There's usually a spare paper in the locker room, and dead trees are surprisingly insulating.
--Noggin:  A wool or fleece winter hat.  Triple wagers against anyone wearing a baseball cap.

Writer -  Marty Hackel  -  Golf Digest