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Golf Etiquette - Keeping Your Golf Course Beautiful

Greetings Broad Runners! I'm going to discuss a very important subject today, golf course etiquette...specifically, keeping your course, or any course you play for that matter, beautiful. From a young age, I was taught by my H.S. Golf Coach, Mr. Dresmich, to always leave the golf course in better shape than how I found it. This includes the obvious (or not so obvious for some) of raking bunkers, fixing ball marks, replacing divots, filling divots with sand if sand is readily available, etc. I'm asking all the golfers out there to help each other out here, not just the course. Fix your own ball mark and at least one more, if your not doing anything on the green. Fill a few divots around your divot with that sand bottle. If you're standing on the tee just shootin' the breeze, pick up a few broken tees and throw them away. Bend over and pick up that beer can instead of just walking on by. These are just a few things all of us can do to keep Broad Run and golf courses everywhere beautiful. A little effort from a lot of golfers can go a long way! If you ever have any questions golf or Broad Run related, please contact me directly at blogue@broadrungolf.com.