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Dear Spring, Hurry Up!

After a pesky inch or two of snow tomorrow night into Friday, it looks like spring is going to bust loose! We had little tastes of spring over the last two weekends. Hopefully, this time, spring will be here to stay! We have been somewhat spoiled this winter so far. Temperatures from December through February have averaged 3.7 degrees above normal. I thought it was interesting that this was more typical of a Charlotte NC winter. Here's the article about the storm and spring revival...http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/dc-baltimore-colder-air-to-off/55749480. If it sounds like I'm a bit of a Meteo-geek, I am! Meteorology was my second career choice actually. If I wasn't a golf professional, I'd be a meteorologist. I grew up watching the Weather Channel religiously, and falling asleep to the "Local on the 8's". Anyways, can't wait for spring! Please contact me with any golf, or weather, inquiries...blogue@broadrungolf.com. Cheers from Broad Run!