Ryder Cup Tournament 2019

Broad Run Golf and Practice Facility

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Broad Run Golf & Practice Facility 

Ryder Cup 2019

What is it:             Ryder cup competition between American and European.

When is it:             Saturday October 12th, 2019

                   o   Friday October 11th, 2019 at 7PM-9PM Pairing party

    o    Saturday October 12th, 2019 @ 8AM Consecutive Tee times followed by award party

Format:                   In keeping with the tradition of the actual Ryder Cup, the following formats will apply to this event:

o  Saturday

o   First 9 – Four ball (Better Ball) – 1 Point

o   Second 9 – Foursomes (Modified Alternate Shot)- 1Point

              o   Last 9 – Match Play – 1 Point

Eligibility:               All Members in good standing are eligible to play in this event.


Tees:                         All Male participants will play from the white tees with the exception of those players identified by Ryder Cup Committee. Ryder Cup Committee will consist of American and European Captain’s with Broad Run Golf Professional. All female participants will play from the red tees with exception of those players identified by the Ryder Cup Committee.

                               If the Ryder Cup has determined that players are eligible to play from different tees (due to age or handicap index), said participants must announce prior to the end of the draft evening which tees they intend to play from for the entire of the Ryder Cup Event.

Handicapping:     All Participants will receive the following percentages throughout the weekend for different formats during the event:

o   Four Ball (Best Ball) - Each team member will receive 80% of their individual 9 hole handicap. All strokes will be assigned off of the low handicap player in each foursome.

  o   Foursome (Modified Alternate Shot) - Each team will receive 50% of their combined 9 hole handicap. All strokes will be assigned off of the low handicap for the group.

  o   Singles (9 Hole Match Play) – 100% of individual Handicap awarded. All stroke will be assigned off of the low man in the match.

Secondary Tee Adjustment: Section 3:5 of the USGE Handicapping Manual will apply for this event in regards to competitors competing in the same event from different tee boxes.

Winners:             The Team with the most points at the end of Saturday play will be declared the 2019 Ryder Cup Champion.

Tiebreakers:         If at the end of the day competition play has resulted in a tie, the team captains, plus one other player of the choosing will tee off on the 9 hole and try to break the tie in the Four ball Sudden Death format. If tied after playing hole #9, the players will move to hole#1 and continue to play forward until the tie is broken.

Fees:                         $65/ Member & $75/ Non-Member. Entry includes Tee gift, Lunch & Awards for the winning team on Saturday.

Signing Up:           Signups for this event will be accepted from Saturday October 7th, 2019 by C.O.B. 


Saturday, October 12 from 10:00 AM
To Saturday, October 12 at 06:00 PM


Broad Run Golf and Practice Facility
10201 Golf Academy Drive
Bristow, VA 20136

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