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Member Match Play 2019 

2019 Member Match Play

What is it:           This is the Broad Run Golf & Practices Facility Match Play Championship!        There will be four(4) different events. (Gross, Net, Senior Net & Ladies) which members are able to up for.

When is it:          Members can sign up for the Gross & Match Play events between on May 1st, 2019.

The competitors will be responsible for coordinating a tee time to play their match, once the bracket has been seeded and distributed. Brackets will be distributed to Gross & Match Play participants no later than end of day April 29th, 2017. Match play Championship will begin on May 1st, 2017, with each round lasting two(2) weeks. Any matches not played within a two(2)  week period, will be subject to a coin flip by Broad Run Golf Professional Staff member to determine the winner. An official schedule for the match play event will be issued the brackets will be on display in the Pro Shop for members to check the progress of the event.

Eligibility:  All Members in good standing are eligible to play in the Match Play Championship. Weekday only Members are invited to play without any additional weekend only Members are invited to play without any additional weekend greens fees if a match is played on a weekend. Members under the under the age or greater are eligible to participate in the four(4) flights (Gross, Net, Senior Net & Ladies).

Format:     Each match will consist of 18 holes of match-play. A match is won by the side which is leading by a number of holes greater than the number of hole remaining to be played.

TEES:              Gross: Men under 55- Blue Tees, Men 55 and over – White Tees  

                        Net- Men under 55 – Blue Tees, Men 55 and over – White Tees

                        Senior Net – Men under 70 – White Tees, Men 70 and over – Gold Tees

                        Ladies – Ladies 55 under Gold Tees, Ladies 55 and over Red Tees


Handicapping:    The Gross Event will be contested as a gross competition, with no Handicaps.

Net Flights- All registered players will be ranked according to their May 1st, 2019 handicap Index, lowest to highest. The players with the eight(8) lowest handicap indexes will be placed in

the First Flight, the next eight(8) in the second flight, and so on. A traditional match-play bracket will be set up for each flight.

Each player will receive 100% of his/her 18 holes course handicap. Each player’s handicap will then be reduced by the handicap off the lower handicap player, who will then play as scratch. Secondary adjustments will be made for the players different tees. Strokes will be awarded as they fall on the scorecard.

Winners:                  Each Flight will have a 1st – 4th, place winners. All flight winner and runner –ups will receive invitations to Inaugural Champion Dinner in January 2018.

Tiebreakers:           If a match is all square (tied) after 18 holes, participants will play both hole #18 and Hole #10 in the match play format. If play is still tied, continue to Hole #11 and onward until a winner has been determined. The sole exception is the final round match to determine the Broad Run Golf Match Play Champion (Gross, Net, Senior Net or Ladies). In the situation that a Championship Match is tied after 18 holes, match participants will continue a four(4) hole playoff on Hole #1-4. If still tied after hole (4), play will continue to Hole #5 and onward until a winner has determined.

Prizes:            Each event will pay out 80% of fees collected and will pay out the following. Subject to change depending on number entries.

·        1st  place – 50% of monies in the pool

·        2nd place – 25% of monies in the pool

·        3rd place – 15% of monies in the pool

·        4th place – 10% of monies in the pool

Fees:   $35 per player per event


Signing up:               Sign-up sheets will be available in the Pro Shop for each flight starting May 1ST. Payment must be paid at time of registration. Entrants will not be seeded without advance payment 


Wednesday, May 01 from 09:00 AM
To Monday, September 30 at 05:00 PM


Broad Run Golf and Practice Facility
10201 Golf Academy Drive
Bristow, VA 20136

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